Travel 02: OLOT – PALAMOS
Visit to an architectural office and projects

Field trip to Olot – Palamos, a city in Catalunya outside of the Barcelona area where we visit the studio and projects by RCR Arquitectes.
RCR Architects
(Contemporary Architecture)
It is one of the practices of reference in contemporary Catalan architecture. Important projects: “Bell-lloc” Bodega, “Les Cols” Restaurant, Pedra Tosca Park, Athletic Park, etc.


(Modernism + Contemporary Architecture)

First weekend field trip  to Colonia Guell and Igualada Cemetery. Both of these sites are outside of the city of Barcelona but are in close proximity. The church and crypt of Colonia Guell is a project by Antoni Gaudí near an old factory village. Igualada Cemetery, but Enric Miralles and Carme Pinós is a famous project from the end of the last century.
An industrial organization, which developed socio-economically during it’s time in the textile sector. It is an example of self-sufficient organization. The church was designed and built by Gaudi.
Designed and built by the architects Enric Miralles and Carme Pinos, the Igualada Cemetery represents Catalan architecture as a link between the past, present and future.

lateral event_ “RESET 11.03.11 #Nuevos Paradigmas” exhibition in Barcelona

During BAC JAPAN Spring 2012, one of BAC professors and Japananes program coordinator Yosihide Kobanawa was one of the main organizers of the exhibition RESET11.03.11#New Paradigms,  held at the COAC.

RESET was  exhibiting post-earthquake and post-tsunami reconstruction projects of Tohoku in chronological order starting March 11th of 2011.

Forming part of RESET exhibition at the COAC were held conferences of contemporary japanese architects:

march 8th – Kazuyasu Kochi,  Kochi Architects Studio with intervention of architect Josep Ferrnando Bramona

march 22nd –  Shuichi Kobari (Toyo Ito & Associates Architects Spain), Masahiro Harada (Mount Fuji Architects Studio) with an intervention of Enric Massip

march 27th – Ryuichi Ashizawa (Ryuichi Ashizawa Architects & Associates),  Kazuhiro Kojima+Kazuko Akamatsu (C+A Coelacanth and Associates tokyo) with an intervention of Miguel Roldán

For more information regarding the exhibition and events associated with it, click here: RESET