As the Olympic Flame lights up London landmarks and we’re all expecting tonight’s Olympic Games London 2012 opening ceremony..

Few days ago, on July 25, Barcelona had celebrated 20th anniversary of the Barcelona 1992 Olympic games that had transformed the city and marked a period of the important urban renewal of Barcelona.

Two decades after that summer afternoon 1992, Barcelona revived Wednesday afternoon the magic of the Olympic Games with a memorial that travels the streets as Olympic torch from the hand of 37 athletes and personalities were part of that unforgettable event.

The Olympic torch comes back to BCN

The 1992 Olympic Games had an enormous impact on urban development in Barcelona, transforming it from an industrial city to one than combines industry with art, culture and commerce. This was achieved through the amendment and application of a previously proposed ambitious urban regeneration plan which included improvements to the city’s transport infrastructure, public services and amenities as well as Olympic-related facilities.

From the local newspapers and the tv channels we wanted to share with you some of the videos and photographic series to remember importance of this 1992 for Barcelona

Barcelona: 1986-1992. Transformation of an Olympic city


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