La Festa Major de Gràcia, is the biggest of Barcelona’s neighborhood street festivals which takes place on streets and plazas in the Gracia area of Barcelona every year from 15th to 21st August.

This popular festival is organized by the neighbors and families in Gracia and features big and varied programme of more than 500 activities, outdoor free concerts. Streets and plazas are decorated by the residents that compete for the prize of being the best decorated street or square of the Gracia festival and during this 5 days of the festival you can experience many other wonderful Catalan traditions such as Castellers (human towers), Correfoc (fire run), traditional folk dance Sardanas and many other..

Do not miss the Biggest parade of the Gracia Festival on Wednesday 16th with all groups of the Festa Major including the gegants (giants of Gracia including “la Gresca i el Torradet”)  caps grossos (big heads)  dracs (dragons), castellers (human castle builders) and , bastoners (stick dancers) grallers – (pipers) and more.

For detailed agenda of all events and activities visit oficial festival page day by day agenda or download oficial programme pdf.

And you can also download the pdf printable map of Gracia neighborhood of all decorated streets

Each year there is a public contest to design a new festive Gracia festival poster which is used as the festival logo and T-shirt.This year the winner was Marc Sala Castillo and also check out all the past years posters here.

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