Dear students

Thank you for your exceptional participation during our first lecture “New roles of Architecture Profession in Barcelona” series with Xabier Barrena.

Special thanks to Xabier for sharing with us his professional experience writing about the main Architecture and Urban projects in Barcelona in the daily newspaper “El Periodico” and his role of being one of the most important architecture and urbanism reporters in Barcelona..

Series of articles that we could one day collect together and publish the important book of Barcelona’s Architecture and Urbanism history of the past years. His way of counting Barcelona.

Xavier’s Architecture and Journalism background gives him power of knowing two languages. The Architecture language that enables him to understand all the projects situations and conversations with the personalities he meets in his stories and the other power of knowing how to count it to the open public, Barcelona’s citizens coming not only from our profession.

We have learned from his lecture the importance of being clear, of using striking high lines and to know how to use exact necessary words/drawings in the stories/projects. Same as we could apply in our presentations or the competitions that we enter for max 5 minute jury’s review.

We have seen more about Plaça de les Glories Urban Plan, its ups and downs during the process, Sants Area Project and some “Star Architects” projects made for Barcelona that have been stopped or maybe only postponed in this recession period.

To read more about published stories, here you can download the  PDF_of his articles used in the lecture. If troubled with Spanish maybe Google translator could be helpful.

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