lecture series_DANIEL MÒDOL, Architect and Urban designer

Dear Students,

We hope that you have enjoyed the wonderful and inspirational yesterday’s lecture with Ethel Baraona and Cesar Reyes. Later during the day we’ll post you some photos and links to the books, articles and projects that Ethel and Cesar mentioned yesterday where you can read more and maybe give them your feedback of your thoughts about it.

We remind you of tomorrows lecture with DANIEL MÒDOL, Architect and Urban designer, starting with the introduction of Miguel Roldan at 9:45 at the BAC.

To see more about architect’s work before the lecture and to prepare little bit for debate visit his web page http://www.dmdeau.com/

As we agreed yesterday with Miguel Roldán, you will be who SET UP THE ENTIRE SCENE for the lecture and debate table.

See you all tomorrow,

FRIDAY, November 16 at 9:45 at the BAC with DANIEL MÒDOL


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