UDES0003 International Urban Design Studio of the UNSW Faculty of the Built Environment at the BAC

BAC is hosting this November 2012, UDES0003 International Urban Design Studio, which is core of the UNSW Faculty of the Built Environment,  Master of Urban Development & Design (MUDD), from Sydney Australia.

This studio focuses on major urban projects in international cities and he UDES0003 Barcelona project, undertaken in association with Barcelona Architectural Center will explore urban regeneration of the post-industrial waterfront of Barcelona, in accordance with the MUDD 18 theme, Beyond the Industrial Past.

UNSW Barcelona Studio is led by Professor James Weirick, FBE and MUDD Program Director and Professor Michael Neuman, Professor in Sustainable Urbanism of the FBE.

Past Monday 12, on their first studio day we had a pleasure to assist the lecture by Maria Buhigas,  Architect and Head of Strategic Urban Studies of Barcelona Regional, Municipal Urban Development Agency,about the site area and preliminary studies done for the area.

Welcome all and have a great studio this next few weeks!

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