Lecture given by Miguel Roldán to Texas A&M University and Clemson University students this past fall 2012 , November 16 at the BAC brought us closer to the main projects of the last years of Roldán + Berengue, arqts.

Miguel introduced his lecture by showing the book “Landscape Ecology Principles in Landscape Architecture and Land-Use Planning” by Richard T.T. Forman.

Using this example Miguel wanted to relate the ecosystems and the intermediate spaces in the Forman’s explanation of the landscape and land use planning to the Roldán+ Berengue, arqts projects. This intermediate spaces where the public spaces intersects with the private is one of the main highlights of R+B,arqts. architecture.

Keywords such as COLLECTIVE / PUBLIC / PRIVATE domains and transversality that is producing between them. In the same time in each of his projects there is the transversality of different SCALES, from industrial design of the objects, passing through interior and building design to the urban, landscape and territorial planning.

We got chance to see in detail 3 projects of 3 different scales and situated in different urban tissues and contexts.

Trinitaris Church rehabilitation and interior design of the church to the polyvalent hall in Vic. Trinitaris church is situated in the ancient city tissue where this intermediate space of the public in the private is the interior square and the inside of the church or today polyvalent hall acts as the public plaza with the cultural events of the city of Vic.

College of Economist Headquarters, project in construction situated in Barcelona city context of the Plaça de Gal.la Placidia.  In this case the public space happens in vertical sense as a part of its façade foyers where Placa Gal.la Placidia folds up and enters to the building and giving sense public balconies in the building interior.

The last project Miguel showed to students was

Social Housing Tower in Plaza Europa in the new urban center on the borders of Barcelona. This city tissue we call campus urban plan with the high rise towers and open space. Public social housing building placed in the urban tissue with no Barcelona city tissue streets and this project introduces the interior street in the main entrance hall with generous height giving the sense of community space and of not being just in the low cost housing building.

The lecture have produced very interesting debate with our students and we hope gave them some ideas to apply to their Design studio projects.

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