Miguel Roldan, BAC team and Professors officially welcomed students from Texas A&M University College of Architecture and Clemson University School of Architecture, past Tuesday January 8 at the BAC.

Students have received an overview of the expectations, goals and objectives for this Spring 2013 in Barcelona and all the Professors gave to their general introduction to the courses.

We were honored to have with us:

Elton Abbott, Assistant Dean for International Programs and Initiatives, Associate Professor of Practice from Texas A&M University and

Matthew Powers, Associate Professor and Director of Landscape Architecture from Clemson University, as the representatives from each university.

Let us again present you all the staff and professors of this spring 2013 and wish you all great beginning of semester!

BAC director:  Miguel Roldan/

BAC team: Mercè Berengué/Jennifer Schildecker/ Zana Bosnic/


Texas A&M:  Jordi Mansilla_Design Studio/ Suzanne Strum_Field Studies in Design Philosophy/Anna Ramos_Field Studies in Design Communication/

Clemson University:  Toni Montes _Design Studio/  Anna Ramos_Construction Materials and Methods/  Ivan Blasi_Field Studies Seminar/ Suzanne Strum Architectural History and Theory for graduate students/Cristina Ortiz_Spanish/

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