dear Clemson University students,

On Wednesday February 27th, during the Field Trips Seminar with Prof. Ivan Blasi, you will be visiting MBM architects, formed by Oriol Bohigas, Josep Martorell and David Mackay. The latter will introduce us to the development of one of Barcelona’s most important and strategic projects, the Olympic Village neighborhood built in 1992, but also to their most recent and also controversial projects such as the DHUB building in Plaça de les Glòries.

Deyan Sudjic, important critic and director of the Design Museum in London, said: “MBM is still at a level at which it can function as a studio rather than in a necessarily corporate way with a core of less than thirty people. It reflects a commitment to a particular way of doing things that is distinctively its own. One that allows it to mix practice with theory to the enrichment of both. But if it is city renewal that has given MBM a constituency far beyond Barcelona, they also have a distinguished record as architects of sensitivity and discretion. They are not interested in creating aggressive, or spectacular architectural objects, or signature buildings. Yet they make buildings with a distinctive flavour and warmth that clearly demonstrates their roots.”

Since you’re working in the nearby Barceloneta neighborhood in Studio. The relationship with the 1992 project by MBM can determine some of your concepts. Questions on ways of facing projects, work organization or the future of cities will for sure come out during the 2 hours at MBM. A unique opportunity!

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