Yesterday, Wednesday March 20, our Clemson University students with prof Ivan Blasi have visited Plaza Europa in the District VII (Granvia L’H) part of L’Hospitalet’s , Barcelona recent urban development with master plan and landscape designed by Albert Viaplana.

Europa Square besides its density has distinguishable skyline from the rest of Barcelona city made up of high-rises, among the tallest structures in the city, some of which are designed by the renowned architect Toyo Ito, Jean Nouvel, Raffael Moneo etc.

Students had pleasure to visit newly opened Renaissance Barcelona Fira by Jean Nouvel and Ribas & Ribas Arquitectos and Andriana Ribas one of the architects in charge of the project and its construction explained to them details of the hotel vertical gardens and the curios vegetation drawing façade.

Later on they’ve visited Social Housing tower by Roldán + Berengué arqts and walked to the convention center, Fira pavilions and the hotel Fira by Toyo Ito.

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