BAC Barcelona Architecture Center joins Clemson University School of Architecture Centennial Year Celebrations

Miguel Roldan, director of the BAC, Barcelona Architecture Center is pleased to announce that:

Barcelona Architecture Center  together with José Caban former chair of the Clemson University College of Architecture and Barcelona program founder, Spring 2013 Clemson University students, BAC actual and former faculty and other personalities of the cultural and the academic scenario of Barcelona are honored to join

CLEMSON UNIVERSITY School of Architecture Centennial Year Celebrations and 40th anniversary of the Clemson Genoa program.

On March 25th, 2013, each of the four Clemson centers: Genoa / Charleston / Barcelona and the main campus in Clemson will be celebrating this event simultaneously.

To commemorate this special anniversary, the Clemson Barcelona Architecture Program will have a videoconference connecting all of the Clemson Campuses at 5:00pm at the BAC. The event will be streamed live on Clemson University website.

Following the videoconference, the celebration will continue with a reception at the La Pedrera.



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