Dear Texas A&M University and Clemson University Fall 2013 Students,

Welcome to Barcelona !

We hope, you have had a safe and pleasant trip and already settling in to your residence.  We are excited to meet you all soon.

Tomorrow, Wednesday, August 28th, at 9:30am , you will meet Jennifer Schildecker at the RESA residence for your first ORIENTATION SESSION.

Thursday, August 28th there will be a WELCOME PARTY at BAC Director Miguel Roldan’s office, from 4:00-6:00pm. The address is c/Girona 37, ppl. 2a.

The official Fall 2013 PROGRAM PRESENTATION will take place Monday, September 2nd at 9:30 at the BAC studio space located at Passatge de la Pau 10, local 1.

Enjoy your first days in Barcelona and see you all soon.


BAC Team

fall 2013 welcome texas

fall 2013 welcome clemson

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