Dear students,

In case you are already planning your weekend trips to any European cities during this semester, keep in mind some of the dates below.

Worldwide known Architecture festival 48H OPEN HOUSE is organized all around Europe in this period that you could fit into your trips.

OPEN HOUSE 48h is the Architecture festival when all weekend the most important buildings for each city are opening its doors for free to its citizens. During the opening hours guided tours are held by architects and specialists of each building.

Helsinki, London, Dublin, Lisbon are just few of the cities with OPEN HOUSE very soon, so we hope that you get to see some of them this semester.

Barcelona Open House 48H 2013 edition unfortunately is held the same weekend as your scheduled Netherlands trip, but very soon, we’ll post for you the list with interesting buildings participating and you could do your own map of places to visit this next three months.

Here is the link to the official Open house Worldwide where you can find all the information for all festivals in this fall 2013.


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