Miguel Roldán, director of the Barcelona Architecture Center is pleased to announce that:

Yukiko Sugihara, Graduate Architecture student at Hosei University Graduate School
Takehiro Hayashiyama, 4th year Undergraduate Architecture student at Tokyo University of Science

have been selected to receive the BAC JAPAN 2015 Scholarship.

BAC JAPAN scholarship covers tuition fees for the intensive course for Japanese Architecture Universities that will take place within the academic period from March 5 – March 26, 2015 at BAC, Barcelona Architecture Center.

We hope that this intensive Architecture experience in Barcelona may bring them many other future successful Academic and Professional achievements.

Congratulations Yukiko Sugihara and Takehiro Hayashiyama!

We thank everyone who has participated and we look forward meeting you all soon at BAC Japan 2015!



Barcelona Architecture Centerディレクターのミゲル・ロルダンより、以下の学生が2015年度BAC JAPAN奨学生制度において選考されましたことをお知らせします。

法政大学大学院1年生 杉原由樹子

東京理科大学4年生 林山赳大

BAC JAPAN奨学生制度は、BAC Barcelona Architecture Centerにおいて2015年3月5日から26日までの受講料を免除します。



奨学生制度に応募くださいました皆様に感謝を申し上げます。そしてBAC JAPAN 2015でお会いしましょう。


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