This year we couldn’t have Big Event in Barcelona on the same day as everyone in College Station, but nevertheless our spring 2015 Aggies have answered once again to ASF Arquitectes Sense Fronteres (Architects without borders, Barcelona) invitation to give back to Barcelona community.

Past weekend we spent day Architects without borders helping to Masoveria Urbana MULA ( inhabitants.The group MULA (Alternative Urban Living) is a group of young people who joined in 2012 under a common goal: to establish their project of alternative housing by living and rehabilitating a historical heritage building in the district of Can Baró to prepare it one day to be neighborhood meeting social center and the hub where they can discuss and promote also options and projects of alternative urban housing.

Our Aggies helped with making the entrance sign with Trencadís, traditional mosaic used in Catalan modernism, created from broken tile shards, used in many project by Antoni Gaudi. Also they’ve prepared installation of water deposit for recycling water system, built railings for the roof terrace and the kitchen furniture.

Thanks Arquitectes Sense Fronteres, La MULA habitats and Can Baró neighbors for wonderful day and letting us help!

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