Fall 2015 – Design Studio Lecture Series – Sara Udina, Urbanist Architect

Sara Udina_Lecture

Barcelona, City Council – Sara Udina
Design Studio Lecture Series – 11/17/2015

Sara Udina’s professional experience and her position inside the City´s Urban Planning Department provides her with an accurate insight of the current and future planning of Barcelona. The city is a complex mechanism that has to be analyzed at different scales, especially when planning its evolution and growth. The urban decisions for the city aim for it to be a system with high connectivity and public spaces, tied with a vast network of green spaces. Through the lecture, key projects in the city where mentioned such as les Glories, 22@, the Sagrera Railway Station, and the future connection of the Collserola Mountains back to the city. Of special interest for our students are the Industrial heritage plans of the city, directly tied to our student’s project in la Escocesa; but most importantly, the understanding that specific projects in the city are always tied directly to the wide panorama of the city as a whole.


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