Another semester has come to the end.
Lots of work, travels, friendships and life experiences for us and for our students.

We take this opportunity to thank to our final presentations jury:

Professors from our universities, thank you for coming to share this last moments of semester with us:
Stephen Caffey
Associate Department Head for Research. Department of Architecture, Texas A&M University
Daniel N. Harding /
Director Graduate Studies in Architecture, School of Architecture, Clemson University
Timothy Brown /
Director of Undergraduate Architecture Programs, School of Architecture,Clemson University /

Thank you to our invited architects:
Mercè Berengué, Principal Architect, Roldán + Berengué arqts /
Miquel Rodriguez, Principal Architect XMade /
Bernat Hernández, Principal Architect Labaula /
Sergi Serrat, Principal Architect GRND82 /

Of course we cannot thank enough to all our professors:
Miguel Roldan, BAC Director, Design Studio, Principal Architect Roldan + Berengué arqts. /
Pasqual Bendicho, Design Studio, Principal Architect Sumo Arquitectes /
Zana Bosnic BAC Coordinator, Design Studio, Seminar Visits/Travels, Architect Roldan + Berengué arqts. /
Ivan Blasi, Field Studies Seminar, Travels, Architect and Mies van der Rohe Foundation and Award coordinator /
Jelena Prokopljevic, Urban History Seminar, Architect, Curator and Critic /
Pia Wortham, Building Technology Seminar, Architect and Editor /
Anna Sala, Seminar Visits/Travels, Architect and Mies van der Rohe Foundation and award collaborator /

The special THANK YOU goes to our students, our future architects and landscape architects!
Thank you for all your hard work and dedication throughout this semester.

We are looking forward to see into your future as professionals.
Until the next time….


group foto bac cheers 2019.jpg

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