Design studio lecture series with Roger Paez, past Thursday, January 24.

For the closer understanding of Design studio first phase, the analytical and at the same time projective phase of the project, Texas A&M University and Clemson University students have received first lecture of the series by architect Roger Paez, MS in Advanced Architectural Design from Columbia University (NYC) past Thursday, January 24.

Roger Paez’s lecture has demonstrated the inherent potential of maps for use as design tools.  Illustrating the shortcomings of limiting our understanding of maps to a strictly representational viewpoint.  The epistemology offered by scientific positivism is entirely insufficient for a full understanding of maps.  Far from being transparent and neutral windows on the world, maps contain a large number of non-explicit cultural propositions in their codification.  These propositions provide an implicit framework for the design of the city.

To see more about professional work of the architect Roger Paez, check out his web page AiB