..here and there..Two parallel design studios in Texas and Barcelona

Reviewers for Monday 3/5

This past semester SPRING13 two parallel design studios where developing the same project area on the Texas A&M campus.

First one in Texas A&M University, Texas, USA led by MIGUEL ROLDAN, MARCEL ERMINY, J. CRAIG BABE and MICHAEL O’BRIEN and the other at the ETSAB Barcelona, Spain led by JAIME COLL, ANTONIO SANMARTIN and ELENA ROJAS.

TEXAS A&M Master of Architecture ARCH 606 was developing the research and architectural interventions on the PHYSICAL CONTEXT designing high-density buildings to accommodate Texas A&M’s expected growth through a process of concentration instead of a process of dispersion and Barcelona’s PROJECTOS IX-X projects were the results of the following the investigation lines of the research centers and working on ONTOLOGICAL CONTEXT of Texas A&M campus.

Soon, we’ll share with you project’s publication and video from the presentations, but till then check out some pictures from the both design studio final presentations.

Texas A&M and BAC Japan 22@ Walking Tour

Texas A&M Students from Suzanne Strum´s Design Philosophy course were joined by BAC Japan students to take a walking tour through the 22@ district of Barcelona on Tuesday, March 19th. Formerly the industrial area of Poblenou, 22@ features many new and exciting works that have been completed since the approval of the districts planning phases in 2000. 22@ is also known as the innovation district, as it is quickly becoming the center for technology and business in Barcelona. Since 2002, the area has shown an increase of 42% in the number of businesses located in this district.

Photos by Eric Henderson

Texas A&M Design Communication Site Visit at l’Hospitalet de Llobregat

Wednesday February 20th, Professor Anna Ramos and her Design Communication students from Texas A&M made a site visit to a project by Ros-Sutrias architects–what will soon be the Residència Asistida i Centre de Dia a l’Hospitalet de Llobregat, an elderly care facility with a large commercial space on the ground floor.

Photos by Eric Henderson

Texas A&M and Clemson University_Field Studies in Design Philosophy with Suzanne Strum_week 3

Week 3 _ Field Studies in Design Philosophy with prof. Suzanne Strum,  Texas A&M University students and graduate students of Clemson have visited Colonia Güell, well preserved factory town designed by Antoni Gaudi and his followers for the Güell family corduroy and velvet factory and its workers.

Colonia Güell is an example of the 19th century English factory town model implemented in the Barcelona area. The crypt is an experimental work of architecture.