BAC Spring 2018

The BAC Spring 2018 term has come to an end and we would like to thank our students from Clemson University, Roger Williams University and Texas A&M University, and studio professors Miquel Rodriguez + Marta Garcia-Orte, and Rafael Gomez for another great semester.

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Design Studio Final Presentation

Final Presentations were held on the 25-26th of April 2018.

Special thanks to our invited jury including Ray Huff, Clemson University Associate Professor and Director of Charleston Program, Andrew Cohen, RWU Professor of Architecture and principal of ACTWO Architect, Marcel Erminy, Texas A&M University Associate Professor of the Practice,  Michael Neuman, University of Westminster Professor of Sustainable Urbanism, Miguel Roldan, BAC Director and Design Studio Director,  Zana Bosnic, Academic Coordinator, Pia Wortham, Design Communication Seminar Professor,  Jelena Prokopljevic, Design Philosophy Seminar Professor , Ivan Blasi and Anna Sala, travel Professors.

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Design Studio Final Projects

Project site: Plaça del vuit de març / carrer dels Capellans / Plaça d’isidre Nonell

Barcelona´s old city center was generated from the different historical and cultural layers embedded in the ground, public spaces and existing buildings. The Project site is a prime example of this urban layering as it is a succession of three open spaces: Plaça del vuit de març, with a Roman aqueduct visible in one of the façades that configure the Plaza and an entrance to Ca la Dona on a different topographic level, the 2.5m elevated romantic garden and the Plaça d’isidre Nonell, that houses the tiled fresco called ”El petó” (The Kiss), a piece of art by Joan Fontcuberta and manufactured by Ceràmica Cumell, placed on an existing wall between the garden and the Plaza.

The two design studios, titled ¨ In Between¨ and ¨Desponjamiento Urbano¨ came up with different design proposals on how to link the spaces and mediate between them.

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Learning from the City

Throughout the semester students studied local architecture and regional materials and methods by touring prominent projects in the city, hearing from Barcelona based architects through our lecture series and visiting the production facilities of local manufactures. Below are some highlights of their experiences.

Ceràmica Cumella

Cumella´s ceramics are a staple material that forms part of Barcelona´s Architectural fabric. Their designs are a part of La Sagrada Familia, and the restoration of Park Güell and Casa Batlló.
The students were guided by locally and internationally well-known ceramics artist Toni Cumella. Toni showed the students Cumella´s facilities and their 4 different fabrication processes- extruding, casting, pressing and revolving.

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Walden 7

Walden 7 was completed in 1975 and was designed by world-renowned Spanish architect Ricardo Bofill. The design embodies the architect´s earliest ideas on how to address housing problems of modern city life.

Walden Resident, Alexandra Olivella, guided students through the complex that she has called home for over 10 years.  Students gained an inside perspective on the activity and livelihood of the building through the point of view of one of its inhabitants.

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ESCOFET is a Barcelona-based industry that designs and manufactures high-quality urban furnishings and architectural finishes in concrete and cast stone.
The students were guided by Architect and Business Development Coordinator at Escofet Mariona Benain who explained to the students the skills she brings to the table as an architect in product and material design. Mariona walked students through the facilities and guided them through ESCOFET´s production process from beginning to end. From picking out the desired aggregate to coating and polishing the final product.

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Spring 2018 Studio Lecture Series

This semester, students got to hear from a range of Barcelona based practitioners, working in the discipline of architecture, specializing in a range of different sectors.

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We would like to thank them for taking the time to present their work and engage with our students.


BAC in Madrid

From February 1st-5th students got a taste of two different Spanish urban fabrics through their field studies trip to Madrid and Toledo guided by our professors Ivan Blasi and Zana Bosnic.

Students visited several prominent works of Architecture including CaixaForum Madrid by Herzog & de Meuron, El Prado Museum by Rafael Moneo, MediaLab Prado by Langarita Navarro, Palacio de Cristal by Velázquez Bosco, Matadero by Jaque + Ensemble, Fundacion COAM by Gonzalo Moure and many more. Students got to learn about the urban history of the city and its role as the capital.

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BAC in the Netherlands

From March 2nd-9th students went on their second field studies trip to the Netherlands guided by our professors Ivan Blasi and Anna Sala.

Throughout the 7-day trip in 6 cities: Rotterdam, The Hague, Delft, Zaandam, Utrecht, and Amsterdam, our Spring 2018 students had the opportunity  to visit and study projects from architects such as Rem Koolhaas, Felix Claus, MVRDV, West 8, Enric Miralles, Mecanoo, Richard Meier, Gerrit Rietveld, Aldo van Eyck, and many others, and learning about the history and development of the Dutch urban form.

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