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The Barcelona Architecture Program offers a complete three month course where students learn the historical and present developments in Barcelona as well as a part of European history and significantmoments and movements in the development of the cities throughout the 19th, 20th and early 21th century. Students are also taught about materials and construction methods, with a special emphasis on the nomenclature and assembly of building systems. The studio architecture class is the backbone of the program and gives the student a profound knowledge of the city, its history and the projec-tions for its future, its urban tissue and cultural context, its architecture, etc. Definitively, throughout the semester the student will build up a mental map of the Mediterranean metropolis, Barcelona.

Depending on your school credit necessity BAC organizes personalized formulas and courses for every group during our terms. In addition to the 3 month courses, special intensive courses and summer courses are also offered. Contact us to ask about programs tailored to your institution’s specific needs

BAC courses are organized in three terms during the year:
FALL TERM – September – December
SPRING TERM – January – April
SUMMER TERM – May – August

Fall 2016 Seminar Visit _Walden 7 and Ricardo Bofill RBTA

As a part of our Fall 2016 Seminar visits series to a local architecture offices, our students had opportunity to visit Walden 7 housing complex from 1975, one of the earliest ambitious projects by Ricardo Bofill and later visited architects office located in reconverted abandoned cement factory from the late 19th century.

Many thanks to Alex from Storytelling from Walden7 for walking us around the Walden’s “streets” and Maria and Ricardo Bofill Taller de Arquitectura for opening us the door of their beautiful office and showing us more about their architecture!

..see some photos from the visit


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fall 2016 Design Studio 3rd quarter presentations.

During our last presentations before the finals, we were honored to have with us Clemson University Professor and Chair Emeritus Jose Caban, one of the founders of the Clemson University program in Barcelona.
Thank you for the visit and we’re looking forward to many other future ones!


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6th edition BAC JAPAN 2017

6th edition BAC JAPAN 2017


Intensive course in Barcelona for Architecture students from Japan.


MARCH 9th 2017 – MARCH30st 2017


Design Studio in Barcelona 


Rethinking tourism and maritime sports facility

Theory seminar / Visits to emblematic buildings of BCN /Visits to local professional firms / Optional  weekend trips

Early birds discounted registration until  January 9th 2017.

Final registration until February 9th 2017

Scholarship applications until February 9th 2017

For more information:


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Video summary of BAC JAPAN 2016

Video summary of the 5th edition of BAC JAPAN 2016 intensive course for Japanese architecture students.

MARCH 10th 2016 – MARCH31st 2016
Design Studio in Barcelona “INNOVATIVE PRESERVATION”

Intensive Architecture course with 45 students coming from:
Chiba Institute of Technology / Hosei University / Kanto professional development university Construction / Keio University / Kinki University / Kobe Design University / Kogakuin University / Kyoto Prefectural University / Kyoto University / Kyushu Institute of Technology / Kyushu University / Miyagi University / Musashino Art University / Osaka University / Sestsunan University / Shibaura Institute / Sozo college of design / Tokai University / Tokushima University / Tokyo University of Science / Yokohama National University.

Thanks again everyone that made part of it!

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spring 2017 in Barcelona Architecture Center BAC

Texas A&M University College of Architecture

Clemson University College of Architecture

Roger Williams University School of Architecture, Art and Historic Preservation

Japanese Universities

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Fall 2015_Student Reporters_WEEK 14



Practice Research Symposium Europe
Location: Fundación Palo Alto and BAU Design College of Barcelona
Dates: 27/11 – 29/11
Hours: Fri: 9:30 – 20:30. Sat 9:30 – 20:00. Sun: 9:30 – 16:00.
Admission: Free but registration required before 22/11
The Practice Research Symposia (PRT) is a panel of masters in a specific field of architecture/design/arts held by RMIT University. Discussion panels, lectures, and social events are held throughout the day to examine the research done by these masters.
Web Address: Practice Research Symposium Europe
Reporting: Raul Ramirez Jr., Texas A&M University Undergraduate Arch. Student



Barcelona Jazz Festival
Location: Various venues
Dates: 26/9 – 11/12
Hours: Varied between days.
Admission: 12€ – 65€ (Varied between venues)
The Barcelona Jazz Festival is a large event where top jazz performers show their talents to the public. There are over fifty concerts and twenty venues that take place all over Barcelona throughout the dates of the event.
Web Address: Barcelona Jazz Festival
Raul Ramirez Jr., Texas A&M University Undergraduate Arch. Student




Mies van der Rohe Award 2015
Location: Westival sztuka architektury, Szczecin, Poland
Dates: 13/11 – 28/11
Hours: Opening day: 18:30 – ? Every other day: 11:00 – 19:00
Admission: Unknown
The Mies van der Rohe Award is a biennial award that chooses a project from a number of firms that demonstrates architectural excellence. The exhibition consists of material designed specifically for the show including models, materials, interviews and more.
Web Address: Mies van der Rohe Award 2015
Reporting: Raul Ramirez Jr., Texas A&M University Undergraduate Arch. Student



100 ideas to solve the London housing crisis
Location: The Building Centre, London
Dates: 15/10 – 17/12
Hours: Mon – Fri : 9:00 – 19:00. Sat : 10 – 17:00.
Admission: Free
New London Architecture is showcasing 100 of the over 200 projects submitted in a competition to help alleviate the London housing crisis. The top ten projects will worth with the Greater London Authority, London’s City Hall, and explain how their projects would be implemented in the future.
Web Address: The Building Centre
Reporting: Raul Ramirez Jr., Texas A&M University Undergraduate Arch. Student




Visit from BIM specialist Ignasi Perez
Location: Barcelona Architecture Center (BAC)
Dates: 23/11 and 26/11
Hours: 16:00 – 20:00 and 9:30 – 13:30
Ignasi Perez, an architect involved deeply into the construction field, visited the BAC studio to provide input in student projects. His main objective was to help students find the best material option that works with their design.
Reporting: Raul Ramirez Jr., Texas A&M University Undergraduate Arch. Student



Thanksgiving at the BAC
Location: Barcelona Architecture Center (BAC)
Dates: 26/11
Hours: 19:30 – 22:30
The awesome professors of BAC held the popular North American tradition of the thanksgiving dinner for all the students. Each person helped out with their contribution of food or dessert. A vast amount of food was consumed that day.
Reporting: Raul Ramirez Jr., Texas A&M University Undergraduate Arch. Student



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Fall 2015 – Design Studio Lecture Series – Sara Udina, Urbanist Architect

Sara Udina_Lecture

Barcelona, City Council – Sara Udina
Design Studio Lecture Series – 11/17/2015

Sara Udina’s professional experience and her position inside the City´s Urban Planning Department provides her with an accurate insight of the current and future planning of Barcelona. The city is a complex mechanism that has to be analyzed at different scales, especially when planning its evolution and growth. The urban decisions for the city aim for it to be a system with high connectivity and public spaces, tied with a vast network of green spaces. Through the lecture, key projects in the city where mentioned such as les Glories, 22@, the Sagrera Railway Station, and the future connection of the Collserola Mountains back to the city. Of special interest for our students are the Industrial heritage plans of the city, directly tied to our student’s project in la Escocesa; but most importantly, the understanding that specific projects in the city are always tied directly to the wide panorama of the city as a whole.

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