Clemson University_Madrid rio_”star” visit of this year’s trip

Madrid’s most important recent project, finished in 2011, is the M30/Manzanares Linear Park, known by everybody as Madrid Río.
The project organizes the 8 km of the banks of the River Manzanares, design ing 115 Ha of parks, a dozen of bridges and 6 Ha of public and sports facilities, interpretation and art centres, an urban beach, playgrounds and cafes, and the restoration of the hydraulic architectural heritage. The project connects Madrid with the valuable landscapes around the city.
The authors of the project were Burgos & Garrido together with Porras La Casta, Rubio & Á-Sala, West 8 and the participation of Dominique Perrault. Clemson University students had the great privilege to visit 4km of this project with Jaime Álvarez from Burgos&Garrido who was in charge of the project and its construction. He showed them the monumental part of the project next to the Royal Palace and the Casa de Campo Park, the Salón de Pinos area, the Arganzuela PArk with Perrault’s bridge, the urban beach (which appeared after asking children from Madrid what was missing in their city) and the shell bridges by West8 and Daniel Canogar. More than 4 hours walking along the river which seemed to be only a few minutes. The importance of the project is reflected in its selection in the 2013 Mies van der Rohe Award.

Field Trip Seminar visit to MBM architects with Prof. Ivan Blasi, Wednesday February 27th

dear Clemson University students,

On Wednesday February 27th, during the Field Trips Seminar with Prof. Ivan Blasi, you will be visiting MBM architects, formed by Oriol Bohigas, Josep Martorell and David Mackay. The latter will introduce us to the development of one of Barcelona’s most important and strategic projects, the Olympic Village neighborhood built in 1992, but also to their most recent and also controversial projects such as the DHUB building in Plaça de les Glòries.

Deyan Sudjic, important critic and director of the Design Museum in London, said: “MBM is still at a level at which it can function as a studio rather than in a necessarily corporate way with a core of less than thirty people. It reflects a commitment to a particular way of doing things that is distinctively its own. One that allows it to mix practice with theory to the enrichment of both. But if it is city renewal that has given MBM a constituency far beyond Barcelona, they also have a distinguished record as architects of sensitivity and discretion. They are not interested in creating aggressive, or spectacular architectural objects, or signature buildings. Yet they make buildings with a distinctive flavour and warmth that clearly demonstrates their roots.”

Since you’re working in the nearby Barceloneta neighborhood in Studio. The relationship with the 1992 project by MBM can determine some of your concepts. Questions on ways of facing projects, work organization or the future of cities will for sure come out during the 2 hours at MBM. A unique opportunity!

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Tomorrow, Thursday, February 21 at 7:30 pm

Architect Peter Mullan, Vice President of Planning & Design at Friends of the High Line and Projjal Dutta, director of sustainability at the MTA New York

Conference titled “Smart Urban Visions, New York City”.

Peter Mullan will explain the unique experience of High Line urban park, while Projjal Dutta will describe the strategies and sustainability of infrastructure projects in the mobility of the American city.

The event is organized by the Smart City World Congress, including the director of the conference, Pilar Conesa, who will be responsible for the presentation. The Dean of the COAC, Lluis Comerón, will conclude the event.

Entrance is open to public and the conference will be in English.


Texas A&M Design Communication Site Visit at l’Hospitalet de Llobregat

Wednesday February 20th, Professor Anna Ramos and her Design Communication students from Texas A&M made a site visit to a project by Ros-Sutrias architects–what will soon be the Residència Asistida i Centre de Dia a l’Hospitalet de Llobregat, an elderly care facility with a large commercial space on the ground floor.

Photos by Eric Henderson

LlumBCN – Light Festival 2013 and Santa Eulàlia Festival

Don’t miss all the lighting events this week!

LlumBCN – Light Festival 2013 and Santa Eulàlia Festival

From Tuesday 12 to Sunday 17 February, the City Council has launched a festival where the light is the protagonist. LlumBcn covers the city for 6 days with large program of performances, installations, workshops and conferences, as well as public spaces that illuminate when night acquire a new look.

The Professional Association of Lighting Designers APDI also participates in urban lighting festival BCN LLUM with the Lupercales Bcn workshop, a seminar on lighting eLe! and instalations “H-wave”, “Between Silence & Light” and “Parc il.luminació sense to nit”.

H-wave light installation:
From Thursday 14 to Sunday 17 February.
Col.legi of Architects of Catalonia (COAC).
Plaça Nova, 5 Barcelona.
Free admission.
Authors: Flash Light Collective.

Light installation “Between silence and light”.
Thursday February 14, at 19.30.
Plaça de Sant Felip Neri. Barcelona.
Free activity.

for complete program visit the official llum bcn web page